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Watch is not working

Dear Staff, I bought the ojoy watch for my son last week. But it is not working without any cause. Please advise me on how to fix the watch.

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Hi, no worries, the watch is again working. It might be just the watch being overcharged. I just charge the watch again, after a few hours I plug out. try to on the watch again and its working.

I experienced the similar problem just within less than 3 month of purchase.

The watch can't be powered ON at all.

I have raised the support ticket too but there was no response more around 20 DAYS.

when support responded over email - just suggesting to keep it on power for 12 hours without any suggestion or advise on next steps to resolve or replace.

No help so far

Hi My daughter had a ojoy watch, after low battery we proceed to charge the phone but the next day  screen is not on. why?

I have same problem with watch. Watch is not starting up itself. Please advise
My daughters watch has worked well up to a month ago she can’t speech message to anyone it will connect and disconnect immediately after it can do calls and send pre programmed messages but she can’t do a voice message anymore any tips to fix this problem
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