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Can’t connect to WiFi

Can’t seem to get the watch to connect to WiFi it only uses the 4g cell service

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You can turn on Wifi on the watch menu, Setting - Wi-Fi. 

Then go to Ojoy watch App, Function - Watch Wi-Fi, and click Add to input Wi-Fi name and password. 

The watch only supports 2.4G Wi-Fi, and doesn't support 5G Wi-Fi. 

I cant even fit the name of the router for it to connect to the wifi. 

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I am unable to connect the watch to my WiFi as well. Please help!
How to connect wifi? I already turn on wifi setting. Where can I select wifi signal?

I am facing same issue. Watch even not connecting to 2.4 G wi-fi

Can’t connect to wifi. The connection appear in the app but say to be verified. Help

I also cannot connect to wifi despite that the wifi setting is turn on at the watch. Totally unable to do any scan via Ojoy app.. can anyone advice? 

Can not connect to WiFi as stated to be verify...please help
Waiting to verify that's the message on the WiFi. I can't get it to work
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